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Posts tagged ‘Dual Coding’

Analyzing the Impact of the ‘‘Code-FLEX Act of 2015’’

The ‘‘Code-FLEX Act of 2015’’ was recently introduced in Congress. While a dual coding system may sound straightforward, it would require extremely complex and costly changes to major systems.

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Coalition for ICD-10 Statement on H.R. 3018, “Coding Flexibility in Healthcare Act”

The Coalition for ICD-10 provides a statement on H.R. 3018, "Coding Flexibility in Healthcare Act" and provides alternative claim submission approaches.

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Dual coding proposal is equivalent to mandating another ICD-10 delay

The Coalition for ICD-10 responds to a proposal that a dual coding system approach be implemented in which small physician offices would be allowed to submit claims coded in either ICD-10 or ICD-9 during a transition period.

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