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The ICD-10 Transition: Crisis Averted or Imaginary?

Sue Bowman, MJ, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA, examines the ICD-10 transition and asks whether an implementation crisis was averted or imaginary.

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Dual coding proposal is equivalent to mandating another ICD-10 delay

The Coalition for ICD-10 responds to a proposal that a dual coding system approach be implemented in which small physician offices would be allowed to submit claims coded in either ICD-10 or ICD-9 during a transition period.

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New Study: Cost of ICD-10 Conversion Much Lower than Estimated

A study published in the Journal of AHIMA presents new data on the cost of ICD-10 conversion for small physician practices. After evaluating training, code books, end to end testing, super bill conversion, and other elements, the study determined costs ranged from $1,960 – $5,900, which is dramatically lower than initially estimated.

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What Physicians Need to Know About the ICD-10 Transition

Since publication of the ICD-10 final rule in 2009, much attention has been paid to the new coding system’s implementation. Despite the significant amount of information published about ICD-10, many misconceptions persist. This FAQ from AHIMA covers basic facts about the ICD-10 transition that are of particular interest to physicians.

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NCVHS ICD-10 Hearings: Stakeholders Raise Concerns

Health care industry stakeholders are frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding the ICD-10 implementation deadline. At a hearing of the National Committee on Vital Health Statistics, Coalition members spoke about the importance of moving forward with ICD-10. Read more


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