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Coalition for ICD-10 Comments on Success of CMS End-to-End Testing

The Coalition for ICD-10 congratulates CMS on the success of its recent end-to-end testing, which demonstrated that CMS systems are ready to accept ICD-10 claims. In particular, there were zero claims rejected due to front-end CMS system issues for professional and supplier claims. While some claims submitted for end-to-end testing were rejected, only three percent of the rejections were due to invalid submission of an ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code. The remaining rejections were for non-ICD-10 related errors that have no bearing on ICD-10 implementation and would be rejected under ICD-9.

“The purpose of end-to-end testing is to identify issues so they are resolved in a timely manner,” said Justine Handelman, vice president, legislative and regulatory policy for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. “The recent testing uncovered basic errors that can be resolved well in advance of the October 1, 2015 ICD-10 compliance date. All Blue Plans are working to ensure they are ready to receive and use ICD-10 codes on claims and we are actively engaged with all healthcare stakeholders in making the transition to ICD-10 successful.”

With seven months remaining to correct issues discovered during testing, the high rate of successful submission of ICD-10 codes is especially encouraging for physician offices since more than half the claims submitted for end-to-testing were professional claims. Of the 19 percent of rejected claims, 16 percent were rejected due to errors unrelated to ICD-10, including incorrect National Provider Identifier (NPI), incorrect Health Insurance Claim Number, incorrect Submitter ID, date of service outside the range valid for testing, invalid HCPCS codes and invalid place of service.

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