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Coalition for ICD-10 Comments on Final CMS End-to-end Testing

The Coalition for ICD-10 commends the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on the success of its July end-to-end testing, which demonstrated that CMS systems are ready to accept and process ICD-10 claims. Participants in the testing week were successfully able to submit ICD-10 test claims and have them processed through Medicare billing systems. Professional claims represented more than half the test claims submitted during the July end-to-end testing week.

Less than two percent of the test claims were rejected due to invalid submission of ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code. Additional rejections were from non-ICD-10 related errors, including incorrect NPI, Health Insurance Claim Number, or Submitter ID; dates of service outside the range valid for testing; invalid HCPCS codes; and invalid place of service. Most rejects were the result of provider submission errors in the testing environment that would not occur when actual claims are submitted for processing.

We are pleased that through its robust system release testing, CMS has ensured that the Medicare fee-for-service claims processing systems changes for ICD-10 implementation have been thoroughly tested and validated. Although this was the final CMS end-to-end testing week, providers are encouraged to participate in acknowledgement testing, which can be completed at any time prior to the implementation date.

Visit the CMS ICD-10 web page for more information about CMS testing results and other news about the ICD-10 transition, as well as extensive tools and resources to assist healthcare providers in preparing for successful implementation of ICD-10 on October 1.

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