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AAPC Member Survey: ICD-10 Testing and Implementation Costs

A news bulletin recently published by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) highlights progress their members have made in ICD-10 testing and readiness. AAPC reports that the experiences of its members closely match the positive testing results achieved by CMS. The survey also offers important insights into ICD-10 implementation costs.

According to the AAPC news bulletin:

“Of the over 2,000 respondents, 84 percent of those who had taken part in acknowledgement testing considered it to be a success. Seventy-two percent of respondents saw no claims denied during testing. An additional 16 percent experienced a rejection rate of less than 10 percent. Over 90 percent of respondents said they noticed no payment shift on test claims…

…The AAPC survey also shed additional light on the costs of ICD-10 implementation. Here, too, we learn good news: per provider costs have been more manageable than many had speculated. For example, 72 percent of respondents to the AAPC survey said they’ve spent less than $5,000, per provider for ICD-10 implementation, while only 2 percent said they had spent either nothing or in excess of $10,000, per provider. These numbers confirm earlier AAPC cost estimates for ICD-10 implementation of $750-$3,500, per provider, on average, depending on the size of your practice.

Many respondents also stated that ICD-10 implementation has not been as hard as they thought it would be, and that overall it has improved processes and documentation in their practices.”

Click here to read the survey report from AAPC.


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