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New Study: Cost of ICD-10 Conversion Much Lower than Estimated

A study published in the Journal of AHIMA presents new data on the cost of ICD-10 conversion for small physician practices. After evaluating training, code books, end to end testing, super bill conversion, and other elements, the study determined costs ranged from $1,960 – $5,900, which is dramatically lower than initially estimated.

Read the news story at the Journal of AHIMA.

Read the full study in the Journal of AHIMA.

Read the Press Release from AHIMA.


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  1. Christina Donahue-Taylor RHIT,CCS #

    I believe that if the cost was free, there would still be providers that would find some kind of reason for not wanting to move forward with the ICD-10 transition and think that the move to ICD-11 would be much easier. Whoever told them that must not have been a coder……

    November 13, 2014
  2. The new estimation seems much lower and I’m wondering if there is a to do`s check list for ICD 10 conversion and where to find the resources and training needed to convert a small clinic to ICD 10.

    November 14, 2014

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