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CMS Updates the Industry on ICD-10 Transition

CMS has been carefully monitoring the transition to ICD-10 and is pleased to report that claims are processing normally.

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A historic moment for U.S. healthcare

The long-awaited US transition to ICD-10 on October 1st is a historic moment in US healthcare history and a major milestone in the evolving transformation of our 21st century healthcare delivery system.

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Why Non-Covered Entities Must Adopt ICD-10

Organizations not covered by the HIPAA, or “non-covered entities,” are not required to transition to ICD-10, but are strongly encouraged to do so.

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Coalition for ICD-10 Comments on Final CMS End-to-end Testing

The Coalition for ICD-10 commends the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on the success of its July end-to-end testing.

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Coalition comments on CMS clarification of the July 6th CMS/AMA announcement

CMS has issued a clarification and FAQ about the July 6th joint CMS/AMA announcement.

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Analyzing the Impact of the ‘‘Code-FLEX Act of 2015’’

The ‘‘Code-FLEX Act of 2015’’ was recently introduced in Congress. While a dual coding system may sound straightforward, it would require extremely complex and costly changes to major systems.

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Coalition for ICD-10 Statement on H.R. 3018, “Coding Flexibility in Healthcare Act”

The Coalition for ICD-10 provides a statement on H.R. 3018, "Coding Flexibility in Healthcare Act" and provides alternative claim submission approaches.

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Coalition for ICD-10 applauds CMS and AMA joint effort

The Coalition for ICD-10 applauds the announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Medical Association concerning their joint efforts to assist physicians prepare for the ICD-10 compliance date. Read more


Looking to learn more about ICD-10 implementation? We've taken your most frequently asked questions to the experts.

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Why Non-specific Codes Are a Non-issue

A grace period for submission of “less specific” ICD-10 codes continues to be raised as a way to alleviate the burden of the transition on physicians. Learn why fears of claims denials are unfounded in this latest commentary from the Coalition.

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